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We are Waterloo regions premier fitness and health centre for life. Our focus is on safety, efficiency and virtuosity. We have developed a culture focused on more then just weightlifting, gymnastics and mono- structural conditioning. It is to provide the very best, healthiest and efficient results possible. The training will be challenging, creative and unique. It will engage you to learn something about yourself and feel rejuvenated from all that life throws at you. It will push you to see what you truly can accomplish when driven. We have welcomed people from all walks of life: parents, pro athletes, military, grand parents, police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, nurses, teachers, students, among others that make us the strong community we are. We are equipped with the very best from Rogue Fitness for all of your CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting and Dry Land Training needs. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches will work relentlessly with you to reach all of your fitness and health goals in a positive and fun environment. You will never forget, it’s always better on the SIDE.