2017 Goals!



Hey guys, first I would like to say how proud we are as coaches of all the hard work you have been putting in! We are consistently seeing progress from everyone and it makes us excited to continue coaching you guys to reach your goals!

Something to think about;

Many of you have put your 2016 goals on the board in the Crossfit Side. At the end of this month we will be wiping off the board for your new goals.  Have you hit your goals from 2016? Do we need to make new goals? Do we need to push that goals into this year and get it done? How hard did you work toward the goals that you picked?  Many things to think about in terms of selecting your new 2017 goals. Take the  next few days to think about some reasonable/ smart goals for yourself.  Have them ready to put on the board in the first week of January.

Here is a good read to help you think about goal setting for crossfit.

Tips for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

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