Friday, Mar. 31

Part A: 5×2 Front Squat w. 2 sec Pause. Every 2:30.

Part B: 4 RFT

  • 20 KBS @53/35
  • 50ft. sled push @90/45
  • 30 sit ups.

After Party: 3x 10 Lat pulls with band and pvc.

Thursday, Mar. 30

Part A: 10 min of handstand progression.

Part B: “Jackie” For time= 1000m Row, 50 Thrusters @45/35, 30 pull ups.

After Party: 3×10 banded tricep pull downs

Wednesday, Mar. 29

Part A: 10 min EMOM of 1 Sumo Deadlift

Part B: 10 RDS

  • 1 Sq Snatch @ 135/95
  • 400 ft. Run
  • 5 HSPU.

After Party: 3x 30 sec per side plank

Tuesday March 28

Part A: 5x 5 Strict Press

Part B: For Time: 400 DU’s and 100 Push ups. Break up however you want.

After Party: 3 sets of ring rows + 10 band pull aparts

Monday, Mar. 27

Part A: 10 Min EMOM of 1 Cluster

Part B: 8 min AMRAP

  • 3 Power Snatch @95/65
  • 6 burpee BJ @24/20

After Party: 3×10 Snatch Grip RDL

17.5 is…

10 RFT

  • 9 Thrusters 95/65
  • 35 Double Unders


Thursday Mar. 23

Part A: 10 mins of handstand progressions

Part B: 21-15-9 of: Cal Row and Burpees over the rower

After Party:  50 mb Russian twists.

Wednesday Mar. 22

Part A: 6×3 Push Press

Part B: 10 RFT

Buy in 100 DU’s

  • 3 DL @225/155
  • 5 Push ups
  • 7 KBS @ 53/35.

After Party: 2x 1 min ring plank

Tuesday Mar. 21

Part A: 6x 1 Clean + 2 Hang Clean. Every 2:30

Part B: 4 RFT

  • 8 Clean and Jerks at 115/75
  • 8 pull ups
  • 8 burpees over the bar
  • 1 min rest

After Party: 50 ab mat sit ups

Kids at the SIDE

We would like to take a moment to bring attention to a concern that has been raised a few times, most recently during our Friday Open workout events.

Our CrossFit family is very important to us, and while we love seeing the young faces of our mini-members; we do have to keep in mind that our space is different from most CrossFit gyms. Sharing our location with World Gym comes with many perks, such as use of their facilities and childcare. However, we also must remember they have policies that we are also expected to adhere to. One of which is ‘no children on the gym floor’. It is important for us to respect these policies, and avoid bringing our young ones over to the SIDE except for during pre-approved activities (Such as CrossFit Kids).

Please make every effort to arrange for a place in childcare before coming across to participate or spectate during our ‘Open Workout’ events, or any other class time without a dedicated CrossFit Kids coach.

We appreciate your consideration on this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to us, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.