Kids at the SIDE

We would like to take a moment to bring attention to a concern that has been raised a few times, most recently during our Friday Open workout events.

Our CrossFit family is very important to us, and while we love seeing the young faces of our mini-members; we do have to keep in mind that our space is different from most CrossFit gyms. Sharing our location with World Gym comes with many perks, such as use of their facilities and childcare. However, we also must remember they have policies that we are also expected to adhere to. One of which is ‘no children on the gym floor’. It is important for us to respect these policies, and avoid bringing our young ones over to the SIDE except for during pre-approved activities (Such as CrossFit Kids).

Please make every effort to arrange for a place in childcare before coming across to participate or spectate during our ‘Open Workout’ events, or any other class time without a dedicated CrossFit Kids coach.

We appreciate your consideration on this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to us, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

*TIME SENSITIVE* – Swag Orders

If you placed an order for a tank, tshirt or sweater at the Throwdown on Saturday, and you have yet to pay – tomorrow, Thursday February 23rd, is the last day money will be accepted at the discounted rate!

After tomorrow prices go up to $25 for tshirts/tanks, $45 for sweaters.

CrossFit Open @ The CrossFit SIDE

Hey Siders,

This Thursday kicks of the 2017 CrossFit Open! Workout 17.1 will be announced Thursday Night. You can tune into the announcement of the workout and the first athletes compete head to head on Facebook stream or . Sign up before the deadline to submit your score on Monday for 17.1. Each week will be another workout being released on the Thursday for 5 weeks long.  Do it for fun, increased work capacity, to see where you stand in relation to hundreds of thousands of other crossfitters, or take a shot at reaching Regionals! Every CrossFitter should take a run at the open! Why not?
Once you have signed up, your workouts will be judged by our CrossFit Side Coaches, or fellow members who have taken the CrossFit Judges Course. If you are interested in judging (the more the better, and we appreciate your help) you can do the coarse by following this link:
We will start our judged workouts at 430pm Every Friday.  We will start every 30 mins for each heat. Sign up will be set up on the white board at the CF Side, or by messaging our Facebook Page, and we can transfer onto the board.  Show up before your selected time to warm up.  Our last time slot will be at 6pm.  If you cannot make this time each friday, we can’t guarantee you will be judged throughout the day or on weekends, but we can try to line something up with our coaches, or with other members who have the judges course.  Just message us!
Our CF Side Program on Fridays will be the Open Workout of that week.  Our regular daytime classes will remain the same schedule and the WOD will be the
Open workout.  During the regular daytime classes, you will not be able to be judged unless arranged with someone who has their judging course done that will be around at that time. (Coaches will not be available during the day to judge).
After each Friday Open Workout, The Siders will go for a Post WOD Social. Changing location each week. To get an idea of how many to reserve for, the sign up for social will be on same board as time slots for the open.


Tonight be sure to come join in the celebrations for Nick and Amy’s Birthday at Beertown in Waterloo.  Reservation is at 8:30, not 8:00 as previously posted.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

Barbell Club Notice!


Amber is back again this Thursday at 645 to Guest coach the barbell club! Great feedback lastweek on the hour session. If you missed out, here is your next chance to take your barbell work to the next level.  See you there!

Next CrossFit Side Throwdown!

It’s Back! Another CrossFit Side Throwdown. Save the date. Saturday Feb 18th.

3 Wods in 3 Hours

14 spots for each Div. (RX Male, RX Female, Amateur Male, Amateur Female)

Amateur 9am-12pm. RX 1pm-4pm

$10 for members. $15 for non-members

To sign up, please e-mail

2017 Goals!



Hey guys, first I would like to say how proud we are as coaches of all the hard work you have been putting in! We are consistently seeing progress from everyone and it makes us excited to continue coaching you guys to reach your goals!

Something to think about;

Many of you have put your 2016 goals on the board in the Crossfit Side. At the end of this month we will be wiping off the board for your new goals.  Have you hit your goals from 2016? Do we need to make new goals? Do we need to push that goals into this year and get it done? How hard did you work toward the goals that you picked?  Many things to think about in terms of selecting your new 2017 goals. Take the  next few days to think about some reasonable/ smart goals for yourself.  Have them ready to put on the board in the first week of January.

Here is a good read to help you think about goal setting for crossfit.

Tips for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

Guest Coach at Barbell Club Tonight!!!

Amber Perron


Currently completing her diploma in Sports and Strength Conditioning with a primarily focus on Olympic weightlifting and strength training to elevate athletic performance. She has a large passion for weightlifting and CrossFit. Some of her achievements include placing 1st in the Ray Hamilton Weightlifting 2016 meet (63 kg weight class),  3rd place in Ontario Scholastics 2015 meet (63 kg weight class), and achieving a new Canadore College School record for the 69 kg weight class in weightlifting. Amber is currently a coach in-training for her Level 1- NCCP Weightlifting Certification where she plans to continue coaching individuals through proper movement patterns upon graduation.


Tonight (Thursday Dec. 22nd) @645pm

Don’t miss out!

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

As we are nearing the end of 2016, now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your achievements and think about your goals. How have you been progressing lately? Have you been able to Rx certain movements you used to scale? Perhaps you have some older goals you would like to re-focus on, or some new goals that you’re interested in pursuing.

Here are some important factors to consider to ensure your goals are not falling through the cracks:

Is it SPECIFIC? – What are you trying to do?

Instead of saying “Lose Weight” or “be better at running” be specific with what it is you want to accomplish. You might instead say “Lose 10 lbs of fat” or “be able to run 5K”

Is it MEASURABLE? – Now that you’ve got your specifics, how are you going to achieve them?

You’re not going to be able to measure your progress just by saying “I will eat healthy and lose 10 pounds.” Or “I will practice running daily” A better way to measure that would be to say “I will lose 2 pounds of fat per week” or “run 5K in under 30 minutes”. This allows you to determine if you are on track as you go.

Is it ATTAINABLE? – What do you need to do to make this an attainable goal?

It is important to ensure you have the time and resources available to do what is necessary. If you only eat fast food or barely have any free time to run, it will be very difficult to attain your goal.

Is it REALISTIC? – Are you physically and emotionally capable of achieving this goal?

If you only weigh 120 lbs, perhaps losing 10 lbs of body fat isn’t a logical goal. Maybe you might want to base it on percentages instead after you learn what a healthy percentage is for your age/gender. Trying to get a 5K time of 15 minutes might not be that attainable when you’re just starting out, considering the worlds fastest time was only 12 minutes.

Is it TIME-BASED? –  when will you achieve your goal?

If there is no timeframe, it becomes a ‘someday’ item and loses its sense of importance. Specify When you want to lose that 10 lbs of body fat by using your measurement for how you plan to track it. 2 lbs a week is 5 weeks. You want to be able to run that 5K in under 30 minutes in time for the race you signed up for.

Don’t forget about your coaches! They are there to ensure your success, and are happy to help you on your path to achieving your goals in any way they can. Whether it be suggesting accessory work for you to do, or providing feedback on form and technique. Don’t forget to include them in your goal setting toolkit, they are a valuable resource to ensure you can attain your goals.wordswag_1479932108905


Another good way to assist you with achieving your goals is by using trackers on your phone or computer. There are plenty of options out there for all types of purposes. Below is a list of popular apps that could help you progress and move forward with your goals.

My Fitness Pal App Store | Google Play
Map My Run App Store | Google Play
Sugar WOD App Store | Google Play

December 16th 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!


Exciting news SIDERS!! Our Holiday social is in the books!! Make sure you SAVE THE DATE: Friday December 16th. We will be working out, having a Secret Santa, Potluck, and a much more fun After Party than normal!

It all kicks off at 5:30 PM with our special holiday WOD!! The other evening WODs (4:30, 6:30) will be cancelled to make sure we can all celebrate together as one big CrossFit SIDE family! Please see the sign up with the form below, or with the sign up sheets at the desk. ($25 Secret Santa present limit).

Muscle Santa